Day 3 AM Session Plan

Making a 2D Dungeon Crawler

Presentation Slides

Session Introduction

Start the course with slides 1 and 2 that tells students what they will learn during the course.

Then lead into the overview of the first day.

What are we doing?

How to add 2D animations using sprite sheets
Create a dungeon using Tilemaps
Create enemies with AI

Code and Animate a 2D Character

Students will learn:

How to add character assets
How to animate characters using a sprite sheet
How to move the character using WASD

Create a 2D dungeon with Tilemaps

Students will learn:

How to “paint” a dungeon using the tilemap tools
How to add collectibles
How to add a HUD
How to use these tools to create more dungeons
How to move between dungeons

Create enemies with AI

Students will learn:

How to create an enemy
How to add a proximity trigger
Pathfinding with A*
How to make the enemy attack the player

At the end of the session, students may continue to add on as many levels as they like to their game.