Create a Bouncy Box Game Level

In this tutorial, you will be modifying the Bouncy Box game to make it look much better.

Setup the project

Open up your Bouncy Box project in Unity.

First you must get the Bouncy Box Project by following the steps below.

1. Download the Bouncy Box project zip file if you do not already have it.

2. Move the zip file to your desktop. Then unzip the zip file there to get access to the project folder.

3. Now open Unity Hub, and on the Projects page click ADD. Then in the file explorer, locate the BouncyBox project folder and select the folder.

You may need to choose a Unity Version for the project to match one of the versions that you have installed.

Now open the project.

Change the Box Model

Double click on the Camera Game Object so the game is in view.

Even though the game is called Bouncy Box, having a box as the player may seem a bit boring.

Let's download some 3D assets from the Asset Store to replace the Box.

Open the Asset Store by clicking Window -> Asset Store from the top menu.

Now you can search for any assets that you want to use in your project. For example, we could search bird to find a bird asset to use.

Just make sure that Free Assets is selected under Pricing so that you only see the free downloads.

Note: the asset used in the below video is no longer available as a free asset. You can find a different file, or you can download and open some of MGTA's example assets to try in your project. Download, open, and import the Bouncy Box Model Examples Unity Package file to add some example models to your project.

When you find an asset that you like, click the Download button to download it. Then click the Import button to import the asset files into your project.

This will give you a pop-up window to import the assets. Make sure all the files are selected then click Import.

You will then see a new folder for you assets inside of the main Assets folder.

Now we can replace the box with the new Asset.

Go into the folder for the new assets and the go into the Prefabs folder.

Then choose a model that you want to use and drag it into the Scene.

You may need to edit the model by rotating it and resizing it.

You can also brighten the scene so the model is easier to see. This can be done by selecting the Directional Light Game Object, then in the Inspector Window, increase the Intensity to something like 2.

Now we have the model in place, we need to give it all the behaviours of the box.

To do this, we can go to the Inspector window of the box then copy each component that we need and paste them onto the bird.

To copy a component, right click on the component name and click on Copy Component. Then go in the Inspector of the new model you can right click and click on Paste Component as New.

Make sure to do this for the Box Collider, RigidBody, Box Behavior (Script) and Audio Source components.

Now we can delete the old Box object and instead tag the new model as the Player.

Open the Inspector Window for the new Model, then select where it says untagged next to the Tag field at the top. This will open a drop down menu where you can select a Tag for the object.

Here you should select the Player Tag.

Now play the game to test that the new model works as the player.

Change the Background

Let's add in a background for the game so it isn't just gray.

Download this background image file or find your own one to use. Then drag it into the Assets folder of the game.

Then click on the background asset and in the Inspector Window, you will see the Import Settings. Here you need to change the Texture Type to Sprite (2D and UI) then click Apply.

Now you can just drag the background asset into the Scene and resize it to fit.

Play the game and make sure that everything looks good.

You may also notic that we still have the green cubes that are used to keep the player inside the game view. However they do not look very nice in-game.

We can make these cubes invisible by opening their Inspector and unchecking the Mesh Renderer component. This way the cubes will be invisible but the player will still be blocked in.