Day 2 PM Session Plan

This session introduces students to user interfaces.

Powerpoint Slides

Session Introduction


    What Are We Doing?

    Introduction to User Interfaces
    Lesson 1: Displaying Text
    Lesson 2: Updating the UI

Intro to User Interfaces


    Students will learn:

    What user interfaces are
    What types of UI exist
  • What is UI

    UI stands for User Interface. UI elements overlay the game to provide information or allow the player to interact with the game.

    What UI elements exist in games?

    Menus, Map, Mini-Map, Inventory, Health Bars, Heads-Up Display (HUD) etc.

    Why is an enemy not a UI element?

    The enemy is in the game world, instead of being overlayed on the screen.

Displaying Text


    Students will learn:

    How to add a text label
    How to edit properties
    How to move and resize the UI
  • Students work through the displaying text tutorial to create a text label for UI.

    Once complete, the students should continue to edit the label properties to make it look how they like.

Updating the UI


    Students will learn:

    How to create groups of items
    How to create a counter for the items
    How to update the counter
  • Students work through the updating the UI tutorial to update their text labels through scripting.

    Once complete, the students should create a counter for a different collectible item.